Bilingual Skills – Outsourcing in Palestine #41

Bilingual Skills – Outsourcing in Palestine with Jerry Marshall | Transcend #41

One territory that definitely qualifies as “off the usual business radar” is Palestine. It’s clearly not a valuable export market. But, for businesses active in the Middle East, or looking at expanding there, there are some real opportunities to take advantage of its positioning as a hub.

In this podcast, our host, Oliver Dowson, is in conversation with Jerry Marshall, Chairman of Transcend, a company founded by partners from the UK, USA and Palestine and with follow on investment from the Palestine Investment Fund. In this Grow through International Expansion podcast Jerry tells us about what they’re doing and why, and introduces the opportunities for overseas companies to tap into that talent pool.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about Jerry and Transcend:

Business in Palestine Grow International

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hi …
good job ..

first let me thank u 4 for promoting real work in the West Bank; this is a benevolent, welcome, and very much needed mission. Thank u for investing there. ! Here some more data as we see it from “this side”,7340,L-3742164,00.html

I liked the way that you are carefully and positively promoting the west bank, however when talking about Israel you do make some unnecessary distinctions. [See (17:54) and compare to (07:02, 10:02 …).] This is an important concept as I think we (you) are talking about involving Israelis and probably at first Israeli Palestinians. Another sample is while talking about the British Mandate (20:02) where 2 clarify the dungeon I suggest to read: Israel on Trial [see: Politics is not an easy topic around here; personally I have been “admonished” (1992) by the Israeli Foreign Office when in the Orient House I placed on the host table the three flags (Massachusetts, Israel and Palestine) for the meeting with Gov William F Weld in his first Trade Mission to the ME.

Anyway … if you need help in managing projects it would be great to meet. … Finally as your podcast all seems to go back to Lausanne (where I did my high school) and the nearby Vevey (where some years later I did the FTP course sponsored by McKinsey)


David, thank you for your kind and detailed comments. I understand very well the political difficulties in talking about Israel and the West Bank/Palestine; nevertheless, however it’s presented, topics are unlikely to satisfy everyone. Here at Grow through International Expansion we espouse taking advantage of business opportunities in every region of every country, and we know that our audience particularly welcomes the occasional “countries off the usual business radar” podcasts and articles, so this was an opportunity to look at a different slant.

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