Bilingual Skills – Outsourcing in Palestine #41

Bilingual Skills – Outsourcing in Palestine with Jerry Marshall | Transcend #41

One territory that definitely qualifies as “off the usual business radar” is Palestine. It’s clearly not a valuable export market. But, for businesses active in the Middle East, or looking at expanding there, there are some real opportunities to take advantage of its positioning as a hub.

In this podcast, our host, Oliver Dowson, is in conversation with Jerry Marshall, Chairman of Transcend, a company founded by partners from the UK, USA and Palestine and with follow on investment from the Palestine Investment Fund. In this Grow through International Expansion podcast Jerry tells us about what they’re doing and why, and introduces the opportunities for overseas companies to tap into that talent pool.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about Jerry and Transcend:

Business in Palestine Grow International

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