Awareness for Greatness in International Business #45

Awareness for Greatness in International Business with Andoni Silva #45

Here at Grow through International Expansion I get approached by a lot of “Lifestyle Gurus” who want to share their experience on one of our podcasts. Many preach meditation and yoga. Most are young people who have been on “transformational journeys”, seen the light and returned, believing they can now change the lives of others. All of them are in business to sell their advice to others.

For example, one wrote to me and said “5 years ago I was stressed/anxious in my mid 20’s. Now I have just turned 30, running my own coaching business and living on a Far Eastern paradise island. My studies and personal experiences have gone deep into human behaviour, spirituality, mind/ego as they’re absolute passions and fascinations of mine.”

Another wrote to tell me that their “stimulating, upbeat and inspirational work have helped countless people in the world, with one mission: To help people do what nourishes their souls and makes their dream business flourish!”

Well, call me an old cynic. I find it difficult to believe that anyone aged 30, having spent the last few years meditating in spiritual retreats, can confidently state that they can help an entrepreneur solve the problems of running a business. I also struggled with the concept that there’s any relevance to international business development, which is our focus here on Grow through International Expansion.

But let’s step back and adopt an open mind. Away from all the charlatans, there are some serious consultants who are recognised as doing genuinely useful work that really does help a lot of people become better at their job. One such is Andoni Silva. He’s a self-styled Awareness coach, based in Spain but working all over Europe. His method is said to help high performers and entrepreneurs achieve a successful, enjoyable and fulfilling work-life balance. He’s very successful, so it definitely works. And he convinced me of the relevance to those of us working to develop our businesses internationally.

So if you’re cynic like me, cast aside your doubts for the next half hour and listen in to my conversation with Andoni.

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